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Space Demons








Space Demons is a computer game with a difference – a prototype directly imported from Japan, and destined to lock four unlikely protagonists, Andrew, Elaine, Ben and Mario, in deadly combat with the sinister forces of its artificial intelligence. As the game draws them into its powerful ambit, each individual must confront the darker sides of their own natures.

Winner Children’s Book Council Book of the Year Award 1987
Winner Children’s Literature Peace Prize, 1987
Winner S.A. Festival National Children’s Book Award 1987
Winner YABBA Awards Fiction for Older Readers, 1990

* Year of Publication: 1987
* Genre: Literature
* Audience: Young Adult


Beyond the Labyrinth







Life is difficult enough for Brenton. He can’t get on with his parents, his younger brother is overtaking him in every way and now twelve-year-old Victoria must come and live with them too.

This turbulent, powerful novel follows Brenton as he loses himself in his beloved role playing games where the fantasy dangerously shadows real life.

Winner Children’s Book Council Book of the Year, 1989
Winner S.A. Festival National Children’s Book Award, 1990

* Year of Publication: 1988
* Genre: Literature
* Audience: Young Adult







Can there possibly be another computer game as enthralling as Space Demons? A year later a new game, Skymaze, reunites the four original players, Andrew, Ben, Mario and Elaine, luring them into a compellingly beautiful but dangerous world in which their own real-life problems are chillingly reflected. Skymaze is just as addictive and unpredictable as Space Demons…and even more terrifying.

Shortlisted Children’s Book Council Book of the Year Award, 1990

Book Two in the Space Demons Trilogy

* Year of Publication: 1989
* Genre: Literature
* Audience: Young Adult

At Ardilla





Jen, her sister Lisa, and their friends the Melvilles stay at Ardilla, the tranquil old beachside home every summer. Over the years they have developed their own private totems and rituals which annually reinforce their special sense of belonging to the place. But this year is different. This year there will be strangers at Ardilla. The magic is threatened, and Jen knows in her heart that things will never be the same again.

* Year of Publication: 1991
* Genre: Literature
* Audience: Young Adult






Joella, her brother Peter and her sister Liane, are kidnapped and transported to become pets and entertainers for an alien species. Many of the performing children are desaparecidos, the disappeared, kidnapped from third world slums, and chosen for their extraordinary gymnastic ability. For the children, there is only one escape from the Galax-Arena: out of the door and into death.

Highly Commended Children's Book Council, 1993

* Year of Publication: 1992
* Genre: Literature
* Audience: Young Adult








No-one has ever escaped from the Galax-Arena before. Now Project Genesis Five wants to know how Joella, Peter and Liane did it. On the run from the all-seeing, all-knowing Project, the girls find shelter at Terra-Farma, while Peter tries to survive in the outback. But Terra-Farma is not what it seems. Can Joelle escape again?

Highly Commended Children's Book Council Book of the Year, 2002

Sequel to Galax-Arena

* Year of Publication: 2001
* Genre: Literature
* Audience: Young Adult







“Tod stood frozen and looked back at the fox. He felt as if something wild leaped from the animal’s eyes and planted itself deep within him. It was the most exciting moment of his life. He could feel his heart beating. Then the fox’s sharp face softened – almost as if it recognized me, Tod said to himself afterwards. He felt he could just step forward and the fox would allow him to touch it.”

Winner Children’s Book Council Book of the Year - Older Readers, 1994

* Year of Publication: 1994
* Genre: Literature
* Audience: Young Adult







First there was Space Demons. Then there was Skymaze. Now there is Shinkei – a game so powerful it has the potential to make thoughts, desires and even dreams come true. A game with embryonic intelligence that needs the minds of others in order to grow and expand.Its creator, Professor Ito knows it must be destroyed, but not before his daughter Midori and the four other players, Andrew, Ben, Elaine and Mario are released from its thrall.

Book Three in the Space Demons Trilogy

* Year of Publication: 1996
* Genre: Literature
* Audience: Young Adult

Under the Cat's Eye





When Jai Kala’s parents have to leave the country, he is sent to an old boarding school called Nexhoath. It doesn’t take Jai long to realize that this is no ordinary school.The headmaster, Mr Drake, is not what he appears and Jai’s new friends, Hugo and Seal. Are sure that he is some sort of fiend…the children that enter Mr Drake’s office are never the same once they come out again.

* Year of Publication: 1997
* Genre: Literature
* Audience: Young Adult

The Whale's Child






Ken is an enthusiastic swimmer but he lives in the country and the only place to train is in the sea. When his best friend Caro gets her driver’s licence, the two of them join a swimming squad in the city. But while Caro seems to improve, Ken is struggling. The arrival of Ken’s Aunt Maya from Japan changes everything as she tells him the story of the Whale’s child and its significance to his heritage.

* Year of Publication: 2002
* Genre: Literature
* Audience: Young Adult